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Vinod Pal

Hey there! I'm a skilled software engineer with 8 years of experience and a proven track record of assisting numerous corporate companies in delivering top-notch products with exceptional quality.

I am currently open to engaging in challenging projects that put my technical expertise to the test.

What I Do

Full-Stack Development

I possess a comprehensive skill set encompassing every facet and level of software engineering, ranging from initial prototyping to robust full-scale production implementation. I am adept at handling various aspects such as business requirements, API development, database management, backend systems, as well as the emerging concept of micro-frontends. Rest assured, I am confident in my ability to assist you in any of these areas. With my extensive hands-on experience in designing intricate cloud-based and standalone applications, I am well-prepared to tackle any challenge you may present.

Tech Lead

If you are seeking a capable individual to take charge of your development efforts or ensure the stability of your technological infrastructure, or even to establish and recruit a proficient team, then look no further. I am a motivated individual equipped with the necessary skills, expertise, and foresight to accomplish these goals. Over the past two years, my colleagues have consistently rated me at 9.6 out of 10 when asked, "How likely would you be to recommend Vinod to a colleague?" This demonstrates their confidence in my abilities and speaks to my dedication and performance in the field.

Coding Skills

SQL Server

Some of my recent work

Business-critical modernization

Together with a talented team, took care of modernizing the most business-critical parts of a tech stack for a publicly traded company. My role included tasks in design, devops, backend development and coaching the team forward using agile methodologies.

Development team lead

In my professional experience, I have fulfilled roles as both a lead developer and a supervisor/team leader, overseeing a team of 3-5 developers. As a team lead, my responsibilities encompassed making technical decisions, managing priorities, handling backlog, and participating in recruitment processes. I am proud to say that I have consistently earned positive evaluations from my team members, highlighting qualities such as fairness, expertise, and trust in working with others.

eCommerce Application for Fuel Delivery

I've been part of the team that designed and developed a custom eCommerce platform. The platform had unique requirements related to subscription management, scalability and peformance. It runs a load balanced .NET core backend in Kubernetes (AKS) with Angular frontend.

Healthcare Coordination and Testing Platform

I have developed ThyroTest, a comprehensive web application that enhances the patient experience by allowing easy search and booking of pathological tests, seamless coordination between doctors and patients, and secure communication. With a user-friendly interface built on ReactJS, efficient backend processing with Node.js and Kafka, and secure hosting on Azure, ThyroTest prioritizes privacy and delivers a modern and intuitive experience for users.

Technological consultance & training

I formed and oversaw a Technology Leadership Group, consisting of experts from diverse technological backgrounds. Together, we collaboratively identify technical issues within the current system and collectively propose potential solutions. Through rigorous analysis and evaluation, we determine the most effective solution that addresses the identified problem. Subsequently, after obtaining the necessary approvals, we proceed to implement the chosen solution.

Store POS application

I was responsible for developing a point-of-sales application in .Net for one of the India's largest store chain which required a good understanding of usability and data security among others. The application handled 10k+ sales per week.

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I prefer emails and usually reply swiftly. I'm fluent in English.

India & Remote

I'm happy to work on-site or remote but prefer to meet face-to-face at least once in a while.